Sarcasm, Orgasm, and Profanity-Oh My!

First, I want to share the good news.

In my best Farnsworth voice, “Good news, everyone! My laptop has been repaired and now I can continue with my crazy experiments!”

Fantastic. That felt good. Okay, now on to the matter at hand. I’d like to talk about the way my books are written, because if you haven’t noticed, I’m sort of addicted to doing that. My writing style is different. You probably won’t read much literature quite like it. First of all, there are the endless conversations. If you ever find yourself reading flipping (or swiping) through the pages and start wondering why everyone seems to talk so much, well, there are a few explanations for that.

Each perspective is written in an effort to accurately reflect the character’s state of mind. For instance, with Jean Claude’s point of view, you’ll find those big, flowery descriptions you’re so used to finding in most books. Whereas Mark Blue just tends to cuss a lot. His writing is pretty rough until he, well shit, I can’t reveal that yet. Suffice it to say his writing style does change later on and for a very good reason. And Mark Ashton thinks a lot (more than anyone would think) but his way of speaking is also fairly rough. Most of his stuff is angsty, angry, or just plain murderous. So it goes with each character.

Then there’s the fact that I’m sarcastic, blunt, and to-the-point. There’s also that ever-present playfulness in me. I poke fun at traditional romance, literature, and media in general. I know books are normally supposed to describe every little thing, but that actually gets on my nerves. I have quite the imagination already, and it doesn’t take much for me to envision or engulf myself in new worlds or people. Maybe this means I have a hard time explaining the craziness or intricacies of a leaf or a sidewalk, but hey, I’m not perfect. I’d rather focus on thoughts, interactions, and funny philosophical puzzles. I guess you could say I pull a Plato quite often. You can thank my philosophical studies for that.

So what about all the sex? It’s a natural part of life. I also studied gender and sexuality as well and I’m just fascinated by it. I can never quite understand why it bothers and embarrasses people so much. I mean, I understand intellectually but it never goes deeper. It’s a beautiful, ugly, simple, complicated thing and exploring it in my stories helped me come to terms with my own sexuality and history. Speaking of which, I love studying history, too (it’s safe to say I love studying anything) and watching how humanity has dealt with issues surrounding sex is mind-boggling. So breaking it down, deconstructing it, and reassembling it is part of the fun. Whether people like it, love it, hate it doesn’t matter; I write about them all because we are all so freaky in our own ways.

Heh, and at the mention of being freaky, what about that last thing? What is it about cussing that just feels so fucking good and right? What is it about profanity that helps with pain? Are people who cuss some of the time more honest? Fuck if I know. Words are power. And words are also just words. There are words a lot of folks think no one should ever use. But one of the things I took from feminism, gay rights, and the black power movement is the power in reclaiming words.

There may be a lot of people out there that will find my language use offensive. I don’t really care. I didn’t write these stories for them. As someone who spends a hell of a lot of time writhing in pain for no goddamned reason, I think I can cuss as much as I like. It’s actually saved me a few times when it gets really bad.

The people in my stories use language the way it was intended, to express themselves. They all have different ways of doing that. Sometimes they address each other by seemingly offensive terms as endearments and other times they use the sweetest words so damn evil. There are also words they regard as curses that they can be arrested and put in the fire pits for uttering (that sarcasm again). It’s always about intent, communication, and effect. Some people can say anything and make it sound utterly disgusting while others can say the ugliest things but have it sound like the sweetest music. Sometimes it’s just incredibly funny.

So yeah, I may be a little nuts. I may piss off some people for not coloring inside the lines. I don’t mind. My stories are what led me to my freedom. They’re not written to shock or offend. They were and are written to heal, to play, to share, and to be fucking human! So if you like humans, take a peek.

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