The Power of Words

Beautiful and meaningful expressions of the myriad ways that education occurs, lacks, and sneaks up on us. This resonates with my experience of learning so much more outside of the curriculum set forth for me. I always did well in school, spent the free time I had helping other students with their work, assisting the teachers, and writing my stories. I researched voraciously on my own time the subjects that interested me. I had a problem with history until I went to college and realized what it was that irked me; there was a severe lack of perspectives and truth in those history books.

There are so many contradictions in this society and I am so glad to see a light being shined on them by Queen Latifah and these youngsters. I hope this program continues and I’ll continue to share my story the way I want to share it. History, truth, and other perspectives are so important and I won’t see them washed away.

I won’t hide. I won’t be silent like I used to be. I won’t keep my head down anymore. Those behaviors instilled in me as a child and as a student only left me open to the monstrous in the world. Without the words that spill onto the pages, without my left hand working its sinister purpose, I would be invisible, nothing, disappeared. I was the perfect student and it nearly killed me. Being a student of life serves me better.

I only wish I had better words to describe how this video moved me. I suppose I shall just have to finish the ten thousand words describing how the ten thousand things and I are one. Yeah, that’s a reference to Daoism. Cuz why not? Those words brought me light as well. I certainly hope this program continues to grow and spread. We need more like it in this country.

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