Character and Song #38: Iris

Ah, now here’s a character. Her story is rather tragic. She starts offin The Black Tree series as a seemingly oblivious young girl and is pursued by both Stuart and John. She has dyed hair that’s blond with blue streaks yet this is no dumb blond (why is that even a thing? Seriously- who started that?). Iris is constantly underestimated by those around her but this actually lets her slide under the radar. She’s Lombardi’s little sister, so you already know there’s a bit more than meets the eye. She’s just as possessive, jealous, and manipulative as he is, embodying everything that is unhealthy about romantic ideals. You can see this playing out in her relationship (and obsession) with Stuart. She’d do anything to make him happy-as long as he belongs to her entirely. Like Sam, this is one Other that is eventually led to break her Promise. She also has another purpose in the story but I can’t tell you what it is. Because it’s a surprise. So enjoy this light and airy song while also thinking about what these words really mean.

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