Character and Song #39: Cassie

So, enough heaviness for now. Let me share with you the tragedies of my characters instead.

Meet Cassie. Poor Cassie. She can see the future. She has direct contact with several gods. She’s also really into history. Too bad she’s haunted by the spirit of the ancestor she’s named for. Too bad no one believes her when she tells them what’s coming. Too bad hell is coming to Earth and the god assigned to her is next to useless. If Athena is supposed to be the goddess of wisdom and war, then why does she suck so bad at saving people? Help Cassie figure it all out (or simply just laugh at her misfortune) in Cassie, the series. Um, which won’t be out for a while…

Anyway, her song is Nobody’s Listening by Linkin Park. That aptly sums up her situation.

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