Cuil Levels: The Allison Dutch Series

As a reminder, Cuil Levels are from 1-7 and in ascending order for the amount of craziness/presence of surreality/ratio of queer to straight people. And Level 0 is downright bizarre and uncomfortable for everyone, including me.

The Cuil Level for the Allison Dutch series is: Level 4

I know that may seem odd, seeing as how there are vampires, witches, lycans, zombies, and aliens in this series. I’d like to refer you back to The Black Tree series, which you’ll see is Level 7, along with a hell of an explanation why. By comparison, the Allison Dutch series is fairly mild. Towards the end of the third book (The Legacy of Allison Dutch) you can see that something stranger, darker, and far-reaching is happening behind the scenes. There are even a couple of cameos from some of those poor souls from The Black Tree series (sexy, sexy cameos).

Even without the crossover and the hints of what’s to come (plus more inside jokes than you can wrap your head around), the Allison Dutch series actually details a lot of very real history and studies. It’s a combination of little-known facts and complete bullshit and I expect you to do your homework to figure out which is which. Along with these terrible history lessons and tongue-in-cheek references, there’s the alternate take on romance: namely the actual consequences of becoming deeply involved with someone(s) you just met and trying to form a relationship based on very little relevant information.

Half satire and half commentary, the Allison Dutch series walks the line between irreverence and thought-provoking experiences. Yes, it pokes fun at typical ideas of romance, literature, and even ideas of good and evil. But it also explores very real issues that often don’t get talked about such as incest, rape, abuse, suicidal ideation, and what a family really is. It’s the story of a young woman growing into more power than she can responsibly handle at first. She creates a new family made up of people just as broken as she is. She’s more of a villain than a good guy but she still manages to make very real progress towards being a whole person. The Allison Dutch series is a story about family, about becoming whole after surviving trauma, and about realizing that despite every good and noble effort your life can still totally suck.

That’s why the Allison Dutch series is smack dab in the middle of the Cuil scale. Because it really is half serious and half joking. A bastard hybrid, just like Queen Aeryn herself (Oh snap!). In all seriousness, you should check it out.


P.S. Oh, and before I forget: I’ve finished writing (yes, hand-writing) Mikassa’s Fall. Part One of The Black Tree Series Book 14, The Black Tree Second is complete. I have to get Part Two from my old home. I’m also nearly done typing up The Colds (starring Aniella Brewster), which will be published next year. It’s amazing how creatively productive one can be while in a stupid amount of pain. You’re fuckin’ welcome. No, but seriously, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy. I’ll post as often as I can this month. And I’d like to ask you to send good vibes my way as I deal with my own monsters.

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