Character and Song #40: Seraphim Vitas

Ah, the fallen angel. Or one of them, anyway. Sera is the fire angel of life, with a spirit that burns brightly. Sera also had one simple job to do: protect the Trees in the Garden. Unfortunately, a little wrench was thrown into hir plans (yes, that’s hir and not his or her, this being is a freaking angel means they don’t have a sex). That wrench was Lilith, because of course when one needs a scapegoat, who better to blame than her? Anyway, so Sera just can’t resist her charms and ends up turning hir back on everything ze thought ze stood for (are you annoyed yet?) . Basically, Sera was totally kidnapped by Lilith.  They end up birthing some of the creatures that you’ll recognize in my books placed in more modern times.  Since their tale is ancient history, both Sera and Lilith can be found in the series In the Time of Toba. Sera and Lilith both return in later books as well, but in different forms. See if you can guess who. If you’d like to possibly be insulted by my bastardization of history and myth, then look forward to reading this one. If you’re just rolling your eyes and waiting for the music, enjoy Applescal’s Forced Angel, which I absolutely will not ever tell you how I found because it’s embarrassing as hell. And if you somehow know this song and know where I found it you’re a freak and you’ll totally like my books.

P.S. Random update: I’m feeling so much better, nearly back to normal. Still, my condition will come back to bite me in the ass so I’m doing all I can to keep my health in order. I’ve also been writing furiously. I’ve got two more books typed up and nearly ready for publication next year and I finished writing Mikassa’s Fall. Mwa ha ha, so expect to see Book 14: The Black Tree Second published very soon while I figure out in which order to publish the random-ass pile of books I’ve got laying around. Remember, the first book in each series is listed for free on places like Kobo, Smashwords, and this very site. How awesome is that? So you get to see each series’ unique brand of craziness before deciding if you want to jump in with me. Keep in mind I try to keep the endings of the first book in a series light because things tend to go seriously, horribly, inevitably downhill from there… But there’s an ultimate happy ending eventually, I promise. Kind of. It’s just really, really, really, really far away.

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