The Black Tree Second and Ten Books in 2015

I know I’ve been a bit quiet but it’s with good reason. I’ve been busting my ass to prepare as many books as I can for publication this year and writing like crazy to finish up as many others as I can. I’ve also had a rather emotional holiday season: what with visiting my dead lover’s grave, spending time with friends and planning with family, and typing up the scene where so many people just die in horrible, brutal ways. The end of The Black Tree series was the jumping off point for serious growth in my life. Though I had started other series during it, finishing it was the first huge project I had ever actually completed. It was a big accomplishment for me and meant more than all the straight A’s I was earning in school.

The Black Tree Second is definitely one of my downer books: the crew is still suffering from the effects of dealing with Marduk and there’s much worse things waiting for them in the end. It’s definitely not a happy ending. But the seeds are planted for a better future down the road and typing up those last few scenes spurs me on to do right by my characters. They’ve been through hell but it’s not over yet. You’ll see a lot of them (and folks from Allison Dutch’s series) in the books being released this year.

These other series are a bit more serious and a lot darker, with maybe the exception of The Colds (for now, anyway). One series, Twisted Jinx, reveals a lot more about me personally and gives insight into the creation and connection between other series. There are ten books I want to publish this year, and once they’re ready to go I can concentrate on writing again. After all, that’s kind of the most important part of the writing process. How much I’m able to write this year will depend heavily on what happens with my other job. I’m still on medical leave right now but I hope to be back soon. I love my job but I also have to make the time to finish this. There’s a lot left to do and life is short. I’d better get started.

For now, here’s some information on the last book in The Black Tree series and a peek at the books to come later this year. Wish me luck, maybe? Remember that I’m doing this all on my own. It’s not easy but neither is anything else in my life. Maybe some of these will actually sell. Who knows? Anyways, onwards!

The Black Tree Volume Eight Book Fourteen: The Black Tree Second (please don’t ask about the long ass, pretentious ass titles; rolls eyes)-will be available soon on Createspace, Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, Goodreads, and many other sites.

Nearly half the gang has been sent back in time to before the mistake was made. Marduk has been sealed away but not before he had a chance to impregnate one of the crew. Now the gang hunts for his progeny, deciding to enlist the help of those who had gone. The ship becomes rather crowded. Some old friends of John’s show up to help just when Damon of all people starts acting weird.

Razi swears off all men and seeks protection from Mikassa. The crew prepares to fight Marduk’s kid while Soleceet, the mysterious new addition who is supposed to be their savior, searches for his girlfriend. Tragically, many lives are lost in the final battle and against all odds the crew then discovers they are worse off than they’d originally thought.

Other Series

This year there are ten books in the Cuil Effect Project that I’m planning to release. Some of them are by Ripley Santo, some of them are by me. I’ll keep you updated on them all as they become available. In the meantime, here are the titles and descriptions to what perversion and awesomeness you can look forward to reading this year:

The Colds Series

This series covers the life of a gal who wants nothing more than to draw comics. Instead she ends up as a cold, basically a slave for the ghost that lives in her home. She learns from a fellow cold about her new abilities and responsibilities and also navigates several relationships with old and new friends. These events occur in the same universe and time-frame as the Allison Dutch series. That means you’ll learn exactly what happened to the rest of humanity during Legacy. I mean, let’s face it; Queen Aeryn was way too self-absorbed to go into much detail about it. You’ll only get the first book for a while, though, because I’m mean.

The Representative Series

Unloved and Untamed

Yet another young girl with an undeveloped gift of premonition hates her life and seeks something different. Luckily a young rich boy comes into her life and helps her learn to love herself. Another boy throws a wrench in her bourgeoning joy when he forces himself on her. While recovering, she meets the rich boy’s cousin, who slowly seduces her over the course of the next few weeks. She is drawn deeper into the weird Samson family. Just what are they, what did they do to her attacker, and why are they so incredibly rich?

Desired and Proper

Elessana is inducted into the Samson family and set up with a task. Meanwhile, Craig and Greg, the rich boy and his cousin, deal with their conflicted feelings about the family and what it means to be a part of it. They lead Elessana deeper into the family’s secrets and introduce her to some very familiar faces from Allison Dutch’s world.

Twisted Jinx Series

You Don’t Belong (Or Maybe You Do)

A few members of the BTS crew cross into the real world to console their Author in her time of distress. Life at home is tough and she’s just recently started writing stories to escape, to heal, and to work out her ideas about life. Can they manage to actually help her or will they just drive her insane with their constant bickering and humongous appetites?

Peaches and Cream

The characters return with a few more of the BTS crew to assist their Author once again. They have warned her away from one of them in particular because something has gone wrong. One of them isn’t who he says he is and they all struggle to figure out his origins before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the Author is captured and lives through a period of time surprisingly worse than anything she’s experienced before.

Not Like Them

Those who crossed over are hiding out while they plan a way to defeat the bad egg once and for all. They recruit the help of yet more characters and secrets about the BTS series and its origins are revealed. The Author has been rescued but it turns out she was just a pawn for his real goal. Can they set him right before he does permanent damage?

Mark’s Chronicles Series

Voltrozi: Planet of En-Suckers

Mark Blue has suffered under the tyranny of his family, The Colors, from the second he was born. One day, he meets a young vampire who promises to take him far, far away. Of course, in the cuilverse, there may be no happy endings. Mark must learn about alien creatures he’s never encountered, his own destiny to control all of Time, and most importantly how to be kind to those who truly care about him.

Arion and Beyond

The Karia plague has been released and is rapidly decimating entire worlds and Mark’s planet is next on the list. Between the creepy elf that wants him to return to his infected planet and the enigmatic Author who’s driving him insane, Mark has a lot on his plate. He gains more control of his powers as he prepares to face off with the Great Karia. Now if only he could meet a woman that didn’t seem to hate his guts.

Aftermath Series

Mikassa’s Reign

That bastard Mikassa has divided up the male and female survivors of the BTS crew and makes their lives a living hell. The survivors struggle to find some joy and await the day when John and his gang will show up and kick Mikassa’s ass.

Mikassa’s Fall

Wow, not even two years have gone by and Mikassa meets his downfall (at least that anyone knows of). This book details why and how. It can’t have been easy. In fact, it takes travelling across all the connected universes to give strength to the one person who can stop Mikassa. What will the BTS crew do now? The group begins to split up and go on their own separate journeys.

The story of the cuilverse is far from over…

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