Character and Song #41: Sebastian

Whoo, typing can be exhausting! Thankfully, I’m taking more regular breaks so that my arms don’t freeze into place. I’m proud to say I’ve finished typing up yet another book. Since I have so many typed up now I can focus on editing the ones I’m going to publish this year. Yippee!

So I don’t get totally bored, I’ll also continue to fill you in on characters, random musings, and philosophical mumbling. Today, though, you’ll just find out a little bit about Sebastian. This guy is one hell of a butler. Ooh, wait, yeah, that might be infringing. No. It’s not the same Sebastian. Heh, I mean my Sebastian is a demon and totally serves this crabby little dude but he’s completely different! First of all, the midget he serves is Stiltskin. No evil deals made or anything; he chose to serve him out of loyalty. The reason Stiltskin requires assistance is because he can’t touch anything directly (I won’t tell you why that is yet). Sebastian has to do pretty much everything for him so I suppose it’s a good thing he actually enjoys his job so much. He’s been with Stiltskin for thousands of years and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Ah, the power of friendship! Anyway, you’ll see him in a series I haven’t yet (but will eventually) list in the bookguide. Oh, and he totally hangs out with the Piper as well. Hee hee, it’s going to be fun!

Enjoy this song by Absolute, aptly titled Sebastian. Perfect, no? This is going to be a hell of a series!

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