Character and Song #42: Josh

Oh ho ho. This guy. Mm, what can I say about Josh? Good ole Josh…

Er, no, actually. He’s not that good. I mean, he has the most gorgeous smile anyone’s ever seen; they can all agree on that! And there are also all the times he helped save Caily. But that’s about it. He’s the alcoholic werewolf brother of Stuart Jalenais and you can see him first appear in The Black Tree series. Please don’t ask me how it was possible for their parents to produce two vampires and a werewolf. (Or if you really want to know, please ask me. 🙂 I don’t bite but he sure does.)

See, the funny thing is that in every one of her previous lives, Iris was murdered by Josh. That makes it super awkward since she dates his brother in her latest incarnation. No need to fear, though, because in this life Josh has no desire to kill her (at least not until she tried to kill him). As a matter of fact he might even want to date her. It’s a bit murky-what with the alternates all running around and people not being who they seem. The fact that he’s drunk half the time doesn’t exactly clear things up, either. When events finally do settle down in the Aftermath series (ha ha ha ha, settle down, puh-leeze! They get so much worse) Josh finally sobers up. Unfortunately, he also turns into a huge asshole, basically becoming Mikassa’s mutt (okay, okay…he becomes Mikassa’s bitch. There, I said it). Go figure. To find out if he ever redeems himself you’ll have to read the Twisted Jinx series and the second Aftermath book: Mikassa’s Fall. Which I’ll be bringing out later this year along with a host of other equally depressing books (except for the The Colds; that has to be the happiest damn book I’ve written to date but there’s no guarantee the series will remain that way). And looky here: if Maroon 5 hasn’t already made a song that’s completely appropriate for this monster! Enjoy listening to Animals and keep in mind that as a lycan Josh literally hunts down and eats people. Yay!

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