Character and Song #43: Stiltskin

Looks like everyone punked out on the last post I wrote, eh? That’s okay, you cowards, I have fun stuff to share today.

I pointed out before that Stiltskin is served by the wonderful Sebastian because he can’t touch anything. His story spans thousands of years, with bits of it shrouded in myth and misdirection. There’s a very good reason he can’t touch anything and it has to do with who he was before he became Stiltskin. Despite his apparent shortcomings, he’s been recruited along with a team of others (including the Piper) to put a stop to an impending apocalypse. You’ll see many familiar faces in the tales of his adventures. And you’ll slowly learn just who he really is and the true power in his hands.

Plus, he’s a right little bastard. Got to love him. That’s why his song is I Am Not Here to Make Any Friends (hm, kinda sounds like me) by MSI (because of course I have to use every single one of their songs. It’s an obsession).


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