Character and Song #44: Travis

Travis is the fictional incarnation of my real-life partner and companion. I don’t talk about him much but boy could I tell you some stories! We’ve had some adventures together, for sure. Like crazier than the books I write. It’s some cuil shit, let’s leave it at that. Cough.

He shows up in Mark Blue Who to continue to challenge me, to push me, and also to try to convince the me in the story to come out into the real world once more. We’ve been together nearly a decade and have gone through some incredible and traumatic experiences together. When I first met him I told him straight-up what he was getting into and neither of us has settled for less than our best ever since. Though we are different as night day on the surface we share values deep down where it really matters. He’s encouraged me to continue writing the story of my journey and he reminds me of the truth when my health, depression, or anxiety get to me. At first he was jealous of my characters (and with good reason :). You’ll actually get to see him argue with a few of them) but that’s the nature of being involved with a poly writer. Eventually, he realized that my love for my characters and others doesn’t take anything away from the love I have for him. I’m so proud to know him. He’s my best friend first and foremost; everything else is lovely extras. He also gave me my little miracle, which I might write about sometime later.

He fights alongside me and that’s why his song is Til the Casket Drops (he really likes paintball and guns, so it fits the image as well).


And, ah, if we ever do get married, this will be our wedding song.


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