Character and Song #45: The Thinking Bowl

Like the A Seriesen, the Thinking Bowl is cool enough to get its own entry. This is a special room that exists between the dimensions. Only a few members of the Black Tree crew have access to it. Each wall is a portal to other dimensions and the floor is nice and comfy with pillows galore. Whenever events in the cuilverse become too crazy or sometimes when characters simply need to share a secret they go to the Thinking Bowl. I wrote before about how meditation has helped me and that’s what the Thinking Bowl represents for the BTS crew. The Thinking Bowl also has another fairly cool secret: it was designed by a very talented person. The same person that created the dimensional doors for Production (you’ll learn what that is in Mikassa’s Fall), Mik’s Lab (the real one), and a number of other seemingly physically impossible structures. If you want to find out who the architect is, well, read the books in the Cuil Project to piece the clues together.

Because the Thinking Bowl is so peaceful, Smile by The Crystal Method suits it just fine.

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