5 Bizarre Realities of Being a Man Who Was Raped by a Woman | Cracked.com

I’m very glad Cracked finally did an article on this topic. It reminded me that Mark Blue is one of these men. In the series about his childhood (one of the series I’m publishing this year), we learn about the many abuses he suffered while living with his crazy-ass family. We also learn about how he began to grow into the lovable asshole prankster that managed to steal everyone’s hearts. A lot of my characters deal with abuse, assault, and rape. Their stories are all different, they all survive it in different ways, and they all walk the healing path in their own unique way. If any of my books can make one less person feel invisible or left out then I’ve done my job. That’s why I write after all: other than saving my own life with it, I write for people like me who have been through some messed up stuff and/or never get to see their reflections in the media (or only see negative reflections). My books detail my own healing path and I can only hope it reaches one person it can inspire, motivate, or comfort. I guess we’ll see. To all those out there who’ve been through this or similar things, I see you.

5 Bizarre Realities of Being a Man Who Was Raped by a Woman | Cracked.com.

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