Character and Song #47: Gregory Samson

Hee hee. This is one that tickles me. Greg is part of the industrious and mega-rich Samson family. They work on secret projects for the government and also carry out secret research on containers. Greg doesn’t like his family much due to the fact that the have pretty restrictive rules with potentially fatal consequences for non-compliance. Still, he can push the boundaries a bit because he’s the current heir to the Samson empire. He spends most of his time listening to reggae, spoiling his future bride, and bossing his cousin Craig around. He’s not the most organized person in the world; though he makes many lists he also frequently misplaces them. Craig usually helps keep him on track and helps to keep his nervousness from turning him into a total wreck. Greg is also highly curious, loves studying sexuality, and is very intimidated by the Ashton clan. Oh yes, that means you’ll get to see some of the characters from the Allison Dutch series again and be able to learn more about them in The Representative series (to be published this year).

I can’t help thinking of Major Lazer’s Come On To Me when picturing Greg’s sexy ass swaggering around. He may be a stuffy rich boy but he can bust a move (oh, my goodness, I am so, so sorry for using that phrase. Now that song is stuck in my head).

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