Cuilverse Layout: Others – Lycans

I figured it was about time to begin explaining a bit about the many different types of Others and their roles in the Cuilverse. I’ve given a bit of information before about scaroth and logmin vampires but I’ll write about them and other Others in more detail. Today, let’s talk about lycans.

Excerpt from The Representative Series – “Just as there were different races of vampire there were several different kinds of lycans (other than what forms they took). There were those cursed by witches who usually lived about as long as humans did. They lycan government was headed currently by Alfred Valliant, one such cursed lycan. In his case his curse was familial and so his son Edgar was a lycan as well and would die early. There were lycans that were Marked by other lycans, usually through a blood bite. A blood bite was different from a regular lycan bite. It could only be performed on those with an exactly opposing immune system yet also required a matching blood type. Needless to say it was a damn rare occurrence, especially considering a blood bite could only happen during a full moon. Those bitten split into two different kinds in turn depending on which race had bitten them. They either passed it on or it died with them. Then there existed the snootiest group of lycans: the originals. Their history stretched back to the time of Lilith. They were the spawn of Lilith and Cain. Like scaroth vampires they valued purity of blood. There were a number of dynastic families bickering like royalty. Thank heavens the Lycan Ten were elected with suggestions from current and former members.

In any event, original lycans tended to live longest, nearly as long as some races of vampire. Bitten lycans could live upwards of a few centuries as long as they stayed in shape. Tony and his family were from this group of lycans, known as Arans. The originals referred to themselves rather unoriginally as the Igies. The cursed ones and bitten ones with shorter lifespans were affectionately known as The Pwnd. They used to be called Rathers (as in “I’d rather not”) but had accepted the newer name with glee. Unfortunately, the Arans tended to develop unique illnesses that struck each generation.”

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