Cuilverse Layout: Others – Scaroth Vampires

Happy Lover’s and Other’s Day!!!

I have been busting my ass to get all of the books I’d like to publish this year ready to go. I’m quite happy with the way that’s progressing. I love creating. And I love writing about love and relationships. If you need something a little offbeat and hot to read I’m very happy to announce the release of The Colds. It’s available now on Smashwords and will be available on Createspace, Kindle, Kobo, and may other sites soon. Yay!

But let me get back on track. I’m supposed to be writing about the most romantic creatures in the cuilverse: scaroth vampires.

Excerpt from You Don’t Belong: “There exists in the cuilverse a number of different races of vampire. In Stuart’s universe there was only one kind: scaroth. All the other races had died off. The scaroth vampires in The Black Tree series all reside on Jupiter after fleeing the Earth during The Cull (an apocalypse, what else do you really need to know about that). They all had red hair and green eyes, possessed super speed, and had specializations designated by whatever name they were given. Stuarts were stewards, Jeffs were polished and very often served as butlers, and Greggs were Olympic-level sportsmen. Ah, that’s the other thing about vampires in The Black Tree universe: they were all male. Vampirism could only be passed along to males and every child of a vampire was born male unless whatever species they were copulating with had reproductive control over which sex they birthed (which I’m not getting into right now).

Normally, scaroth vampires didn’t need sleep but sometimes they could drift off if they really wanted to or if they had something to help them. Scaroth vampires in other universes were somewhat similar but also markedly different. For instance, scaroth vampire kisses heal in Stuart’s universe. In Allison Dutch’s universe, where Jean came from, only a handful of scaroths could do it. In Jean’s universe, most scaroths could change sex at will, in addition to altering their general features. Some were better at it than others.

All scaroth had a built in romantic-sexual sense that allowed them to know exactly what the other person wanted them to do. Theywere also naturally polyamorous, sometimes notoriously so (there’s an interesting reason why no Jupiter vamp had a last name). The scaroth race had been built for pleasure and so were finely attuned to the physical needs, desires, and fears of others. Most times they could choose who they wanted to use it on (usually someone they wanted to feed off of or have sex with) but once they chose it could be difficult to hold back, no matter how inconvenient the circumstances. Once the pull was initiated a scaroth was compelled to follow through to completion, fulfilling every desire of the chosen one. It made things both easier and harder for relationships. On the one hand they were perfect lovers but on the other hand you’d better learn not to let your mind wander in public.”

Excerpt taken from Desired and Proper (obviously it’s from a scaroth vamp’s point of view; I wonder who?): “Scaroth are also physically incapable of committing rape unless they were suffering from a condition known as being bloodless. Most scaroths had a built-in failsafe to prevent us from taking advantage of anyone. It was so effective that for the 70,000 years we’d lived on this planet there had only been eight attempted or completed rapes for our entire race. It all went back to the First Family: Lilith, Sammael, and Seraphim Vitas. They’d wanted us to be better, or at least distinguishable, from humankind. The scaroth, being directly descended from the ragnir (the original vampires, who were a lot like incubi and succubi), maintained the Original Promise more strictly than many of the other monsters. Maybe that’s why we were among the most talented, gorgeous, and powerful. Especially when it came to the sexual arts. You could almost say our race was designed for pleasure. That’s why the honor of Sex God was bestowed upon one lucky scaroth every generation (our average generations were 150 years).

There existed a special dungeon in most scaroth homes specifically for the purpose of containing bloodless vampires. Thankfully it was nearly as rare an occurrence for our race as rape. In fact, that was the only time any of us had been capable of raping someone. If other vampires went too long without consuming blood they merely died. Scaroths were closer to truly immortal-very little could harm us. It took longer for the side effects of blood deprivation to kick in but when it did we became bloodless. Our hair turned white, our teeth grew to full-length, and we lost all higher functions. The only cure was blood; lots of blood. We would feed nearly indiscriminately to restore ourselves. Until we’d have enough our bodies would be subject to constant agony. It was full-on insanity, unlike our milder form of it, a blood rage. We could still control ourselves for the most part but were definitely less than our best. We often stocked up on blood and sealed ourselves away during a rage.”

So remember, whether you’re locking up your lover or letting it all out in the open have safe, sane, and consensual (educated, hopefully) fun. I think I’ll go find me a scaroth right now! And do my best not to piss them off. 🙂


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