I know, I know. Bad Michon. I leave you with this beautiful post last week and then I disappear. I have good reasons, I swear!

I’ve finished up the editing for the books that are to be released this year. But I’m still going to publish them one at a time because…just because. Shut up.

Anyway, I’ve also been dealing with the pain and severe brain fog caused by my endo and PCOS. That’s always a bitch and it can be hard to shake off the depression that comes with it. But I’ve discovered how truly amazing the people in my life are and how far I’ve really come. I’ve been having these conversations with my partner back in Ohio that sets my sapiosexual nerves on fire. I cannot describe how amazing it is to resonate with someone else’s mind and soul. It’s unbelievable. To be trading, celebrating, and experiencing knowledge and integrating information is beyond orgasmic. Mm, I just had to gush about it. It’s an honor and so beautiful to see how he’s grown as a person and how he’s honed his mind into the tool that moves him forward. He always surprises me and I love it.

But enough mushy stuff. I know you’re rolling your eyes and hoping I have some actual news for you. I do. I’ve been absent from the blog in part due to the aforementioned bullshit health reasons but also because I’ve been working on something I’ve never done before. I stretched my abilities to a format, a medium I don’t normally dabble in. This morning I submitted a screenplay for a contest for HBO that my awesome Mama (I call my stepmom Mama) came across. I’m familiar with stageplay scripts, and only barely since it’s been so long since I’ve acted. It was one of the most interesting and challenging exercises I’ve ever done. I didn’t worry that I’d never created a script before or had only a passing clue for how to format it. It was a fascinating world to step into and discover.

I read scripts. My dad actually had an old script on hand for one of our favorite shows. I read a lot of, uh, let’s say enthusiastic advice about the film industry and what to write and what not to write and how to do it. So much of it seemed to contradict itself. I’m not saying my script is the most excellent thing ever or that it will be selected. That wasn’t the point of this. It was me doing something that before I would have balked at because of the lack of experience or doubt in myself and my ideas.

The script I wrote is actually based on one of the books that I will write. It was so cool to understand which things I could write into the script and the things that can never be depicted on the screen. It helped me understand more about a world I was unfamiliar with. And what an amazing glimpse it is. So for my next fix to feed my sapiosexual addictions, I shall learn more about the film industry. After all, I do hope to have many of my books converted to fit on the screen, perhaps as live action but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them as anime. In fact, I think that might accurately convey the surreality in a way that live action can’t always do. I don’t know. That’s one of the things that I hope to find out.

It’s exciting and I can’t wait to jump in. And if I find that my script has been selected, well, I think I’d explode like I was in a Michael Bay movie. Either way, I have been changed and I’ll never go back. I accomplished something I never pictured myself doing and that’s gold. Imagine what else I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. Luckily I’ve been armed with an amazing new doctor (I did mention I finally saw the doctor today, yes? No, shame on me. Perhaps Micala should punish me a bit) who’s embarking with me on getting me as close to an approximation of healthy as possible. I will never be healthy. Never. But I can still thrive. I can have my health be the best it can be under the circumstances. And apparently I can accomplish things I never thought possible.

In other words (in my best little kid voice): Look, I did it!

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