Character and Song #48: Arthur/Jason

Poor Arthur. His older sister is first in line to the throne of the Sun Kingdom, which means a lot of people want her dead. And when she escapes and meets up with the Black Tree crew, Arthur is left to fend for himself. This poor guy can barely find his way out of a closet and many people make fun of the fact that he has no ears, yet he manages to hold his own quite nicely. Though he grew up pampered, he develops skills that will ensure his survival. Now if only he wasn’t too shy to tell Princess Ariel his feelings for her. All in all, Arthur (aka Jason) may not look like much but he has a heart of gold. And he’s definitely saner than his sister and his cousin. Even when his home is destroyed during Marduk’s rampage, he manages to pick himself back up. He’s really more useful than he seems.

His song is Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta. Because he’s just adorable.

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