Getting Personal

You Don’t Belong Here, the first book in the Twisted Jinx series, is now available on Smashwords and Createspace. It will also be making its way into all the other channels within the next few days and weeks. So if you’d like to know way more about me than is probably socially acceptable, feel free to check it out and then throw stones at me.

In all seriousness, this series was started during a particularly tough time during my life. Writing it was how I survived my depression and my suicidal tendencies. It was how I began to take my sexuality back for myself. It was a large part of my journey to self-acceptance. The first book deals mostly with body issues being able to look another person in the eye (that may not seem like much but when you can trust no one, it becomes everything). The second book, which will be made available in the next few months, deals with me coming out, my attempts at suicide, and my cutting. Yes, I used to be a cutter.

There’s still fun and sex and a shitload of hints and background on the other series in the Cuil Effect Project, so if you can stomach the trauma and gay sex then I invite you to check it out (okay, it seems I’m still  little cheeky, after all). If you’d rather stay in the fantasy that all is well, stick with The Colds or something. Although, I have to tell you, I’m writing the second book now and things get a bit darker. It’s still not hopeless like The Black Tree series, thank goodness. At least not yet. We’ll see when I start book three.

Anyway, back on track. The writing style for the Twisted Jinx series is a lot different than my other series. That’s because most of it is in my own voice and because I’m writing about things that are extremely close to my heart. So please, if you can’t be gentle with it or can’t respect my truth, kindly fuck off.

In order that I end on a kinder note, please find more information on this series below. Thank you for reading.

About Twisted Jinx:

This series deals with the more personal experiences, dreams, and fears of the Author’s life. Knowing that certain aspects of herself and her history would forever set her apart from the rest of the world, Michon attempts to write stories in order to heal, in order to find answers, and in order to remain sane. Amidst a turbulent home life, a lack of resources, and various health issues that leave her wanting to commit suicide she writes to save her life. Determined to keep their Author alive, the characters from various series she’s written cross into the real world to assist her (or at the very least sleep with her). Michon can’t really decide whether they help or annoy her more. A lot of the characters have their own issues to deal with and it seems their journey across universes is more of a mixed blessing. Can they all truly come together and find that life is worth living? Will the Author finally be able to accept herself and face the world? Will she merely survive or will she find the fire she needs to thrive?

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