Almost Done

I’m literally pages away from finishing The Colds, Book Two: The Realms. I was worried for a long while because I haven’t written this much in such a short amount of time since I was in high school and had the free time to do it. I only started writing it a few weeks ago (by hand, remember? I’m a lefty weirdo who still writes by hand!). And it’s already very nearly finished. I’m quite happy about that. I’m quite excited about it. It is always wonderful to finish a book. For like three seconds and then I’m thinking, oh crap, what do I do next? Which character is shouting the loudest demanding that I write about them next? Fun stuff.

I got to explore a lot of elements in The Realms that were only mentioned in passing in Allison Dutch’s series. I was also able to create an entirely new way for the main characters to interact with the world. I got to connect the dots across the cuilverse and give lovely little hints about some people’s past. I got to research clitoral piercings and go deeper into the touch language of scaroth vampires.

But most importantly, I got to write from the perspective of a well-adjusted, healthy person with a great family and a fantastic support system. If you’ve read any of my other works you’ll see that the majority of them have serious issues, come from terrible families, or simply have some twisted lives. Even though Ani Brewster meets people who do have these messed up backgrounds (and futures) she is the happiest character I’ve ever written. Sure, she starts out with some issues surrounding women. Sure, she tends to have a violent reaction to the color pink.

But she’s freaking awesome. She’s definitely kinky (goodness, some of her activities make even me blush) but she is a joy to write about. There’s still a long way to go in her tale. There are still horrible things happening around her and many more to come. But she’s on top of it. She’s fantastic and she’s not broken. I honestly never thought I could write about someone without seriously traumatic problems but I did. And she’s fantastic.

Let’s hope that lasts. This isn’t the last book that will feature her so we’ll see how long her good nature sticks. After all, this is me writing we’re talking about.

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