Character and Song #51: Lucian

Lucian is living proof that even 50 billion scream elves can be fucking wrong. He’s one of only a few elves that doesn’t spend all his time working in the ambrosia factories, dancing around in the Revelating Forest, or doing Mikassa’s bidding. He first shows up to help assist what’s left of the Black Tree crew in Mikassa’s Fall (to be published in a couple of months). He’s an archer and looks a bit like Legolas. Except he’s useful. I kid, I kid! Legolas isn’t totally useless. Anyway, so Lucian is one of the bravest elves in openly defying Mikassa’s twisted rule. Will his assistance be enough to free Mikassa’s prisoners for good so that they can save the universes? We’ll see. Mwa ha ha!

His song is “Sound of Change” by Dirty Heads.

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