Character and Song #52: Zeitelia (Time Faerie)

Ah, the mysterious Faerie of Time. Zeitelia has the power to reset the timeline. She first appears in The Black Tree series but will also show up in All That Glitters with Piper, Stiltskin, Sebastian, and others yet to be revealed. That’s right. The mysterious series’ name has officially been revealed. Each member of the Irresistible team has broken their Promise in some way and must atone for it. The All That Glitters series describes their betrayals and their adventures. Since most of Zeitelia’s tale is still shrouded in mystery I can’t tell you too much about her. I can tell you the god who made her is Father Time. Ah, yes, speaking of Faeries, I’ll explain more about them in a later post.

For now, ponder the nature of time in “It Will Be” by Jakatta. Because that’s her song.

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