Cuilverse Layout: Others – Angels

As promised, I will now describe the Faeries, along with other related creatures.

There are several kinds of angels: angels in general, Seiyans, Faeries, Anunaki, Nephilim, Seraphim, Cherubim, and Fallen.

Angels in general have existed nearly as long as the gods have. At first they carried out the will of the gods they served but then they got lazy. Instead of serving particular gods, angels tend to congregate around the current god of gods. They’re kind of fickle that way, preserving their safety by offering their services to whoever’s in power at the moment.

Angels are further split into three groups: Faeries, Anunaki, and Fallen.

Faeries include the subgroups Faeries (female) and Seiyans (male). Unlike the larger group of angels, Faeries normally serve one particular god. Faeries are created from the shredding of gods and goddesses (this is the only way to “kill” a god). Sometimes they are made from multiple gods. Any child of a Faerie is also a Faerie but the child is free to choose which god they will serve. Faeries are also given Taboos: rules handed down to them by the god they were created by. The punishments for breaking Taboos are swift and intense. Faeries normally have large black wings with unique designs on them. Many of them tend to be more spirit than physical, depending on how much freedom their creator god grants them.

Anunaki are split into several groups: Nephilim, Seraphim, and Cherubim. The color of their wings is determined by their rank in the Echelon. Their wings can be (from lowest-ranking to highest-ranking) white, silver, gold, or clear. And then there’s the Nephilim with “wings so clear they were invisible”. Nephilim are usually male or female, of great height, and can’t seem to stay out of human affairs. Seraphim are a bit better behaved, have no sex, and are charged with keeping a detached eye on humans. Cherubim take various forms (almost none of them human-like) and tend to guard important items, paths, or secrets.

Fallen angels are more commonly known as demons. They do not serve the established gods. They serve no god or they serve gods of their own making. The strongest of the Fallen angles are the only ones (besides the gods themselves) who can create new gods or destroy them on their own. They can be from any of the groups above. They also feed off of fear, insecurity, and doubt. They’re more heavily involved with holding humans and Others accountable for their sins and promise where many of the other Angels use a light touch and maintain their distance. Not much bothers a demon; they’ve seen it all.

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