Character and Song #53: Lachelle

My sister. My amazing, inspiring sister. The Utena to my Anthy. The Kenzi to my Bo. I owe so much to her. She raised me, she taught me how to be a parent, and she is my absolute best friend, my brother mother, my platonic “wife”. She can always tell when something’s wrong with me. She’s the first person to truly see me as I am. I love her so much. She is also not one to mess with.

In The Black Tree series she pops up every so often to make fun of me or to deliver some very bizarre news. Such good fun. Perhaps I should have included her prolific use of a bat as well. Perhaps she’ll appear elsewhere in the cuilverse. You never know.

For some reason I just think Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money fits her personality well. She never backs down and if you mess with her or her family she will mess you up!

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