Character and Song #54: Macton Ashton

Ugh, this guy makes me shiver. A rare blond in the mostly red-haired Ashton clan, he’s also very different to them in other ways. For instance, he’s an unrepentant bastard. Seriously! There’s what he did to Mark shortly after he was born, there’s the way he treated Elessana, and then there’s what he and the entire Vampire Council did during Queen Aeryn’s reign. He’s just a mess, really. There’s really not much about him I like. He’s one of my least favorite Others. But I’m sure he has his reasons (rolls eyes super hard). We’ll see. Because apparently Allison Dutch’s series isn’t enough for him, he has to show up in at least one other series as well. Who knows when we’ll truly see the last of him. Maybe one day I’ll even manage to like-

Gag. Nope. Can’t even say it.

Anyway, before I throw up, Tool’s Aenema pretty much sums up his feelings toward the world at large. I mean, there are very good points brought up in this song and it’s one of my favorites but there are always those unintended consequences, aren’t there?

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