Cuil Scenes-Aniella

Who says consent can’t be sexy? Who thinks communication is always droll and useless? Most of the sex scenes I write have a clear purpose and they show all the myriad ways and reasons people connect (or in Queen Aeryn’s case, how to use sex as a badass weapon). In the series, The Colds, Ani explores novel ways of connecting to the men in her life, despite what would seem to be libido-crushing issues for some of them. I’ve included a scene for your reading pleasure: a little bit of play explaining how vampires communicate certain desires through touch. It’s normally a scaroth thing but some other vampires in her universe do it as well. This scene is taken from the second book in The Colds series: The Realms. Which I’ll be publishing later this year. Exciting stuff. This scene is a bit of a teaser; if you really want to see the language of touch in action, you’ll have to wait until The Realms comes out. Until then, here’s a sneak peak.


I’ll also include this scene in the Cuil Scenes section for quick reference.

Also, if you’d like to place a preorder and see all the sexy details for yourself, you can do so here.

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