Big Changes

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been posting my more serious musings on Postmodern Woman in recent months while concentrating more on my books on this blog. Well, it turns out the woman in charge, Louisa Leontiades, has been quite impressed. She’s invited me to run Postmodern Woman with her. We’ll still maintain our own author sites separately and offer courses, content, and company via the new and improved Postmodern Woman. All of the articles will be free to read. But if you’d still like exclusive content and other goodies (like free copies of our books!) then our brand spanking new Patreon page is the one to check out. You can pledge anything from $1 on up to help us continue to bring quality, thought-provoking, and in-depth content to our followers. If you challenge the norm, we cordially invite you to join us.

More about Postmodern Woman and Patreon

Taken from Postmodern Woman’s About section:

Postmodernism (pretty obviously) came after modernism – that period in history associated with the rise of rational thinking. I think, therefore I am. I will only believe what I can see, what I can prove.

Postmodernism is a suspicion of the absolute truth, and the modernist way of thinking. It says there are many stories, many interpretations (most of which we can’t know).

Julianne Moore once said

“The idea that you’re the center of your own narrative and that you can create your life is a great idea.”

There’s a power in that. It’s the power to rewrite your story and reframe your perspective. It’s a way of analysing things, a critique of what we believe to be real. Deconstruction of gender binaries, social constructs even good and evil.

You may not agree with the perspective of the stories you find here, in fact we only hope that they make you reflect a little more on what values and norms you want for your life. Enjoy,

Louisa & Michon

Taken from our Patreon page’s About section:

Michon Neal & I (Louisa Leontiades) write. We write to challenge the norm, to reframe past experiences, and to help people move past pain.

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