Character and Song #59: Yokran Ashton

The Ashton clan is fairly huge and many of them appear throughout the cuilverse. Yokran is a rather kind yet snobby lesbian vampire who caters to travelling vampires. She has a large mansion with a locked basement to throw parties in. There are many rooms in this place but you never know just what you’ll find behind each door. And although her home seems more designed for fun that serious business there are secrets lurking in the halls. Yokran’s an artist and proudly displays her queer statues in many of the open rooms. She helps Aeryn out during a rather tough time in her life in the Allison Dutch series but that won’t be her only appearance in the cuilverse. She’ll be back and some of those closed doors will open…

I suppose if she had a saying, it’d be No One’s Here to Sleep. But I’ll let Naughty Boy tell you all about that.

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