Update and Guest Posts

I’ve been away for a bit, I know. I’m still dealing with my health. Or lack thereof. It’s very, very slow going and the problems simply seem to keep compounding. Suffice it to say my body’s having a real time of it.

But it’s not all bad news. I am taking care of my health and I have a whole team full of wonderful doctors on my side. One day I’ll be stronger and I’m working towards that bit by bit.

So don’t worry about me. I may be down but I’m never out. I always return. I’ve got so much to share with you. And just wait until you see the books I’ve got coming out next!

Anyway, even though I’ve been absent here I’ve still been very busy working on my books, other projects, and my new site with Louisa. I’ve even done some twittering, er, I mean tweeting, lately. That’s something I never imagined doing but I can get the hang of it. Both Louisa and I have had rather exciting weeks. But we’re not even close to done!

See, though Postmodern Woman started off as Louisa’s personal journey it is now a site for all of our journeys. For anyone that has a unique story to tell. It’s for us reach out to people who understand. It’s that space where vulnerability is channeled into power. Many of the articles are NSFW but with good reason. It’s not for titillation, it’s not for someone else’s benefit, and it’s not trashy. These are real stories, real people, real pain and growth and love and humanity. That’s what we want to share. So if you have a story bubbling up inside you, if you have a kink you’ve never felt you could share, if you have a special perspective on some topic or other please submit. We want your stories. We want your vulnerability. We want your challenges to the norm. Let your voice be heard. If you’re not sure if your story will fit, take a gander around the site. There are articles on many, many different topics and nothing is sacred except for authenticity.

Note to Authors: If you happen to be an author, we will display a sidebar alongside every article you post with clickable links to your books. Your work will be right there with your words. Louisa and I are both authors ourselves and we’d love to help our fellow authors any way we can. So please consider submitting an article. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Note to Supporters: And, as always, if you like what we’re trying to do and our plans for the future then you can always support us and get exclusive access to goodies (like free copies of our books) via Patreon.

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