Cuilverse Layout: Others – Djinn and ghosts

I’m not dead! I’m still here. Had a few rather intensely painful days. It’s the first time I’ve truly done nothing with my day (beyond visiting the hospital for my dressing change for an unrelated but equally bothersome problem). I didn’t even read. I just slept through as much of the pain as I could. Me, who has to accomplish at least one thing every hour of every day! It’s not easy but I’m still here. Anyway, on to the book stuff.

Since the tale of these two sorts of creatures is so closely entwined, I’ve decided to put all of their information together here.

Excerpts taken from The Realms: “Despite their depictions in pop culture, they didn’t grant wishes or live in lamps (well, some may have). They were rather similar to the gengi vampires, and with good reason. Several Djinn had mated with ragnir vampires to create the gengi race. They could be formless or solid, invisible or visible. They’d been worshipped as gods, decried as demons, and viewed as guardian angels. Some of the more talented Djinn could possess humans (putting them in ghostly territory). There was some debate over whether ghosts were a particular form of Djinn, descended from them like the gengi were. That perhaps human ghosts were a possibility because they had some Djinn in their ancestry.

It might also account for the different types of ghosts: recursive, poltergeist, and elastic. Recursive ghosts were thought to be primarily distantly-related to any Djinn and so only had enough formless ability to echo moments from their form-filled lives. Poltergeist and elastic ghosts had more recent, stronger family ties to the Djinn and so retained their ability to possess and interact with objects and people. Poltergeists tended to let their emotions get the better of them and elastic ghosts were fairly well-balanced.  Amongst the Djinn there were morphers of various types and five levels based on how powerful they were. Most of them had a mischievous streak and they often held pranksters in high regard.”

“Ghosts are out of sync with reality. Many of them are blocked by their emotional state. Basically, the more rational you are the more you can physically affect things normally. On the other end, the more emotional the more distorted reactions become. That’s where you cross into poltergeist territory. Stuff like The Grudge.”

That’s all I’m telling you for now.

If you want to learn how to hunt creatures like Mark Ashton, how consent and communication can have very sexy consequences, or you just like seeing all the weird stuff I come up with you should check out The Colds series. Meanwhile, I think I’ll take another nap. Eight straight months of this insanity really wears on you, I tell ya! If you think I’m mean to my characters, just remember I’m going through my own shit as well. Thanks for sticking by me and continuing to read. I never thought I’d have the chance to reach out to others and I appreciate the fact that any of you want to read it. I’m not religious but Namaste.

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