Character and Song #61: Lucifer

Don’t run screaming just yet. It’s okay. I swear it’s okay.

Wait, actually, it may not be. This is infamous Lucifer after all. But the story of Lu’s downfall is very different than the one you’ve heard. For instance, that snake in the Garden? Yeah, it wasn’t Lucifer (but I know who it really was!). No one’s really sure what Lucifer wants or the role they play. But Lucifer seems to be full of useful information. I suppose we’ll find out if anyone can trust it. So far, Lu appears in one of my unpublished works, Mark Blue Who. But Lu will be popping in and out of the cuilverse here and there. Maybe one day we’ll find out why.

Lucifer would like to take you the “Long Way Down”. Conveniently, Robert Delong has already made a song about that.

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