Character and Song #62: Lexius Holt

A brown-haired, grey-eyed, fluidly-moving gengi vampire. He was born in a female body but unlike scaroths gengi cannot change sex at will. It doesn’t bother Lex much, though. Actually, nothing really seems to bother him. He’s calm, magical (and not because he’s trans; it’s because he’s gengi and they tend to have witch-like powers, geez!), and knowledgeable. He’s not afraid to go after what he wants and can also sneak up on you like no other. He makes up one half of the Gemini twins, he and his sister Nadia age together in the oddest way. Even though she’s a werecat and thus should age more like a human, her bond with Lexius slows her growth. As a result, he appears to be around ten to 15 years older than her. He’s one of Queen Aeryn’s most trusted friends and lovers, even if she can’t understand his taste in women (other than her).

Since he’s so literally dreamy, his song is “Soft Music Under the Stars” by Fila Brazillia. How can you listen to this song and not feel calmed afterward?

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