Character and Song #63: Talia Ashton

Note: Talia actually has green eyes but otherwise this photo is spot on for how I imagined her.

Talia, Talia, Talia. Sexy, fierce, and wise Talia. And oh my do I love a redhead. Um, what was I talking about? Oh, right right. So this is one of the guardians of the Tree. She’s married to the delightful Joe Ashton (though both are unchained; it’s just the Ashton family has some arcane traditions to uphold), dresses like a biker/rocker, and knows a lot more about the history of Others than she probably should. I’m a bit in awe of her, actually. It’s not like me to be so tongue-tied. What can I say about her except that she’s so amazing? Okay, enough babbling. Talia appears briefly in the Allison Dutch series and in a bigger role in The Representative series.

And even though Rihanna can’t for the life of her keep up with Shakira in this video, Can’t Remember to Forget You shines a light on her spirit. Though, do you think she’d be referring to Joe or the Tree? Tough to say.

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