Smashwords – Unloved and Untamed – a book by Ripley Santo

I almost forgot to tell you Ripley’s first book will be available for purchase tomorrow! It’s sexy, crazy, and unexpected.

Unloved and Untamed is dark fantasy erotica about a young agendered female-bodied person with an undeveloped gift of premonition (as well as a spirit that possesses her from time to time) who hates her life and seeks something different.

Luckily, a young rich boy comes around and gives her the space to love herself. Another boy throws a wrench in her bourgeoning joy when he forces himself on her. While recovering, she meets the rich boy’s cousin, who slowly seduces her over the course of the next few weeks. She is then drawn deeper into the weird Samson family. Just what are they, what did they do to her attacker, and why are they so incredibly rich?

Unloved and Untamed is the erotic and offbeat first installment in The Representative series, which follows the life of a young girl discovering the fantastic world of vampires, one powerful family with their hands in inter-species genetic projects and technological research, and transdimensional aliens who believe she may be their last link to Lilith, the mother of all monsters.

So if you’re looking for something where kink isn’t just whips and chains, if you’re looking for a heroine who self-heals from her trauma (others help but she does the work), or if you’re just looking for a bisexual black heroine where the story isn’t focused on that fact you might like it. I don’t know; I’m not you.

The second book will be available for purchase a month from now. If you’d like a preview, you can read the sample via the site or you can check out the Cuil Scenes page, The Representative Series for some hot scenes.

I hope you show Ripley some love. He’s rather shy.

Smashwords – Unloved and Untamed – a book by Ripley Santo.


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