Reviving Leep

I don’t mention it often, but the site for LEEP is still up and functional. I want to make it more functional. I want to make it so much better. I want it to be as professional and streamlined as possible.

Why? Well, it’s not for me, even though I do list my work on there. It’s not even for the two members who died. No, it’s for someone I don’t mention much, if at all, but who means so much to me.

It’s for my best friend. My other best friend (my sister is also my best friend. Shut up!). My creative soul mate, Kelly.

Sporting one of her fabulous hats.

My creative soul mate makes and sells such wonderful products and it’s a joy for me to help her grow her business.

I’m seriously astounded by what she can do. The pictures below don’t even begin to cover the amazing things she creates. She makes purses, clothes, hats, booties, kindle cases, and so much more. She’s incredibly talented (and the wallet she made me lasted two years with heavy use; good stuff) and so I’ve been busting my ass to make sure the site is updated for her to use. I want to grow the site and be able to upgrade it. This is one of the greatest gifts I feel I can give to her and so I’ll find a way. Because I love her so incredibly much.

I don’t really have much else to say. I’m just so glad I know her.

Ah, but if you’d like to know what all the fuss is about, you can visit our site and learn a little more about the company we’re working to build. We have big plans for Focus Forward and for LEEP (I bet you can’t guess what that stands for).

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