Character and Song #64: Bigfoot

Not the mythical creature. Get that idea out of your head right now.

No, though Bigfoot shares a name in common with a certain legendary creature, he’s actually a werewolf. An enormous one at that. Like, he’s fucking huge! You won’t learn his real name for a while, if ever, because he’s enslaved himself to his Mistress and can therefore only be addressed by his wolf name. Hey, at least she’s not calling him Beast! Anyway, so his Mistress actually seems to hate his guts (she really does not like wolves) but he doesn’t care. He’s been bit by her, and hard. He’ll follow her anywhere. You can watch him pant and paw after her in All That Glitters, along with several other weirdos.

And hey, looky here! A song with his name in the title. How convenient is that? Enjoy Bigfoot by W & W.

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