Character and Song #46: Samael


Back to slightly happier topics. I’ve been busting my ass getting these books ready for publication and reviving the defunct website for LEEP since two of our members died. Okay, yes, that’s slightly depressing. But there’s a reason we call our business Focus Forward. I’ll always mourn them and the grief will never go away but I can damn sure make the treasure of their memories count. So check it out if you feel like it.

Anyway, back on topic. Samael, the Angel that became Lilith’s consort. He is the first incarnation of another character but I’m not telling you who it is because I’m mean. So Samael and Lilith give birth to thousands of monsters, weirdos, and other creatures that all fit into the Others category (I’ll write more about Others later). You can learn more about him in The Time of Toba, which unfortunately won’t be out for a while (like the soonest would be next year but that depends on whether I’m in a good mood). Although you can hear mentions of him throughout the Cuil Project. Rumor has it that he’s the one who tempted Adam in the Garden. I suppose we’ll find out if there’s any truth to that when the book finally comes out.

The song that most reminds me of him is Slipknot’s Vermillion Pt. 2.

UPDATE 06/24/15

I’ve since discovered two songs that seem to suit Samael better. So I’ve included them here, along with a bit more information about Samael himself. You can let me know which you think works better-the song above or the ones below. And then I’ll totally ignore it.

Beware the enigmatic, mischievous, and mysterious Nephilim Samael. The one who lures. The one who tells the truth but leaves important details out. The one with the god-killing poison. Just what is he doing skulking around the Valley of the Dragons near the Garden of Eden, anyway? His greatest desire is to turn Lilith into a goddess. But there’s always a price to pay. And the binding on his arms isn’t just for show; it’s so much more than a mere fashion accessory. Soon enough, we’ll find out what happens when it’s removed. But not too soon, I hope. It can’t mean anything good. His adventure begins in In the Time of Toba. He also appears elsewhere in the cuilverse, like the rest of those who were there in the beginning, but just who he’s reincarnated as you’ll have to guess. It certainly explains a few things; I’ll tell you that much. Spoilers…

Normally, Banks’ song Goddess sums up his feelings quite well (he doesn’t like Marduk much and has no qualms stealing away his human to transform her into the goddess he desires)

but when the bands come off, Banks’ song Beggin For Thread becomes slightly more appropriate.


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