#AdultSexEdMonth: The Clitoris – Let’s #GetCliterate!

Ahh, my other great passion: all things sexual. Even though many of my characters are something other than human (hence the term Others) I have always done my best to depict the realities of sexuality, including the astoundingly and glaringly absent fact in most media: different people like different things, even at different times!

As much as people love writing about sex I’ve been highly disappointed in how little they understand about desire, health, sensuality, individuality, orientation, the body, genetics, and just everything to do with it, really. That’s part of the reason I began writing; sex in books and movies bored the Hell out of me (considering I was a teen when I started writing, that may or may not disturb you). So while there are some physically impossible feats my characters pull off at times, at least they have a valid mechanism behind it.

I could go on and on about this but I’ll just leave you with this fantastic article about a body part even more misunderstood than an intact penis: the clitoris.


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