Michon on Patreon and Youtube: Support the Cuilverse

Mm, so trying something different now. For 15 years I’ve poured my life into The Cuil Effect Project. I’ve healed through it. I’ve laughed through it. I’ve saved my life and others’ lives through it. But I can’t get it out to more of the people who would appreciate it most without help. That’s where you come in. For a while now I’ve wanted to make videos talking about all things cuil (and several things MSI). Today I finally got around to making my first video. And here it is:

I’ve also set up a Patreon for The Cuil Effect Project:


I’ve got big dreams. Life has never given me much that could be considered, well, wanted. And I’ve never really asked for help or support before in such a way. But the only constant in my life besides my siblings has been my writing.

I want to see more out there like it. I want to put agency back in the character. I want to see sex that’s not boring, shameful, strictly heterosexual, or horribly misinformed. I want to see kink that isn’t all awful nonconsensual depictions of the more violent parts of bdsm. And speaking of nonconsent, how about realistic depictions of rape and abuse and the different ways people heal from it? Or hell, even characters talking about consent and safe sex without it being dull or uncreative (I’ve come up with a few sexy ways so it’s not that difficult, people!). I want aromantic, asexual, agendered and all other variations to have realistic representations in literature. I want stories about race, sexuality, and anatomy in well-researched but nonpatronizing ways. No one is a token in the cuilverse and I want diversity that’s actually diverse to be the default and not the exception in media. I want to see more written about polyamorous people, monoamorous people, and sluts that focuses on recognizing the human first instead of being mere titillation, preachy, or couple-centric. I want to see people using their minds to the best of their abilities and working through their feelings instead of caving in to random, fleeting emotions or being a passive participant. I want to see characters that passionately communicate and vibrantly interact with their environment instead of just merely reacting like victims, whether they’re villains or heroes.

That’s the kind of stuff I write and it’s the kind of stuff I’ve been yearning for in all sorts of media. If you want to see even half of that, please consider supporting me or spreading the word. I want to let people know there are other possibilities out there. I want to change the typical cultural narratives. I want to fill that emptiness that has become our entertainment landscape with genuine, full, and fantastical infinities.

Would you like to be a part of that?

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