Something for the Perverts

So while I wait for yet another surgery and hope to resolve only one of the several problems that’s been bothering me this year (please hope that it’s resolved!), I received some uber pervy news and I’d like to share before I’m drugged out of my mind/in an insane amount of pain/wishing I was just dead already starting next Monday.

Hee hee. So apparently Ripley’s been hard at work. He’s gathered up 20 of his favorite scenes/excerpts from across the cuilverse and gathered them all together into one book. So if you’re not quite sure if the cuilverse is for you, or if you want erotica of a different sort, or if you simply want to sample some various and inclusive ways to get off then I recommend you check it out.

Click to see on Smashwords.

Remember, the writing styles, voice, and desires change according to whoever’s point of view it currently is. These stories showcase those different styles. Some are gay, some are straight, some are bi, many are menage and/or poly, mostly women of color (I literally think there’s only one white woman depicted), some are aromantic, at least one is asexual, and one of them even features an agendered person (though of course the actual books go into deeper detail about that). You’ll see open discussions about desire and consent. You’ll see people that actually care about their partner’s pleasure and who are familiar with the realities of anatomy (as well as a few of the aliens with some pretty nifty anatomical capabilities). You’ll see that each and every encounter is as unique as the people in them, and unique each and every time they meet.

So if you’re looking for something more than the same old, same old, if you want to see what women with sexual and personal agency can do, if you’d like to see sexual expressions that are thoughtful, creative, and vibrant instead of mindless, shameful, and repetitive then give The Cuil Spread a read-through. Right now you can get it for half-off during the month of July.

Do people really want their porn full of agency, accuracy, and variation? Can consent and humor be sexy? Can sapiosexuals find delight in erotica? I don’t know. Only you can say. Your demand is what creates the landscape. It won’t be different or better unless you demand it.

All I can say is we’re doing our best to create something for those who do want something different.

If people really like it Ripley and I will work on Volume Two, which’ll be even more taboo, crazy, and cuil.

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