Read The Realms and Mikassa’s Fall For Free – Michon Neal’s Profile | Inkitt

Hey hey hey!!! Read some of my work for free and leave a review. It’s a writing contest and I figured I’d submit a few things. So if you’d to read two of my complete books for the grand total of $0, then slide on over to Inkitt by clicking on the link below the descriptions.

Note: Both these books contain lgbt characters, people of color, polyamorous relationships, and some elements of bdsm. Mikassa’s Fall is much more explicit than The Realms but in some ways The Realms is a bit raunchier. I’ll leave it to you to make up your mind. Enjoy

The Realms

In the second installment of The Colds series, Aniella encounters a group of vampires who forever alter the course of her life. As the Hunters and the Soulless recruit more to their side and commit heinous acts across the world, Aniella and her friends must gather together and build in strength.

Mikassa’s Fall

Wow, not even two years have gone by and Mikassa meets his downfall (at least that anyone knows of). This book details why and how. It can’t have been easy. What will the BTS crew do now? The group begins to split up and go on their own separate journeys, but can they even recognize themselves anymore when all is said and done?

Michon Neal’s Profile | Inkitt.

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