5 Things I Learned Committing A Campus Sexual Assault | Cracked.com

I’m glad they’re writing about this. We need better solutions and not empty rhetoric or punishment. Even as a survivor of more instances than I can remember I can understand this is so much more conplex and that the solution needs to dig deeper. It’s easy to be reactionary. But we won’t put a stop to rape like pretending it’s one way or the other.

“These ones are just regular people who grew up believing certain things about sex and are reinforced by a system that seems to silently give in to them.”

And that’s the problem. In general, for most of the existence of the human race, we have not dealt with sex well, we haven’t established healthy and knowledgeable education surrounding it, and much of it has been forceful because a lot of people were literally considered property. We don’t just get over that in a couple of decades. But we can do our best to change all of that going into the future.


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