When the Cure Feels Worse than the Disease. ~ Debra Caplin | elephant journal

Mm, I can see now why the docs have tried to save my uterus. I knew that it wouldn’t be a cure for the endo or PCOS but the lack of a menstrual cycle would at least prevent new endometrial cells from escaping and growing since there’d be no production of them. I am glad that even if my docs didn’t tell me why that have made me wait. Knowing my life and my body I realize a hysterectomy could bring me back to how I felt in my teens before I knew what caused it. I nearly killed myself back then. I knew it wasn’t me, even though my life was terrible. That’s the only thing that kept me going. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression for years. I took the wrong medications (ended up having a seizure with one of them) before finally discovering I had hormonal and reproductive issues causing much of my dark mood. I lost friends when the insanity from my hormonal swings ramped up my aggression and my filters. And taking depo lupron let me experience induced early menopause. So I completely understand where this author is coming from. There is not enough information about the role hormones play in our experience of life, pain, and self. But we need education about this. Because people ARE dying over this. And there’s no warning and very little help. Women go through so much and no one seems to realize. When will we have better? Please share. Save a life.


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