Character and Song #65: Tali, The Trick Faerie

Mischief! Mischief!

No… No, you don’t.

Oh yes. This sneaky, sly, and remorseless woman with the white hair with purple streaks and pitch black eyes tends to simply make things worse. She seems to be the only Faerie that is completely no help at all. That actually says a lot about the god who created her. She spends most of her time seducing vampires and pestering her sister, Zeitelia. Even though she hasn’t broken her Promise, she tags along during the events in All That Glitters since she’s always wanted to meet Madison, the Hatter. She also appears in The Black Tree series to muck things up during the A Seriesen crew’s struggle against Marduk.

Since she does nothing but cause trouble, her song is Hey, Tomorrow, Fuck You and Your Friend Yesterday by, of course, MSI.

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