Watch “Endometriosis” on YouTube

This is a fantastic visual of what’s going on inside the body when endo and PCOS strike. They go over some treatments as well.

Right now I’m in line to have some of my nerves cut because of the pain. I’ve thankfully avoided having a hysterectomy so far. The doctors never told me why but I’m grateful that they’re trying to find other solutions.

The issue with hysterectomies and oophorectomies (besides the fact that it’s not a cure for endometriosis) is that no one is ever warned about the severe mental and hormonal effects. After having been on depo lupron (artificially induced menopause) and generally with my health history including suicidal ideation due to hormone fluctuations, I am certainly fine with trying everything else first.

So nerve cutting might be my next option since I’ve already had two laparoscopic surgeries for this already. I think I’ll also be paying attention to this Youtube channel from now on. The information is easy to digest and anatomically accurate (although they do fail to mention or show the clitoris as the giant winged beast hugging the uterus that it is).

In order to have better healthcare we need better familiarity with different systems of the body and an integration that revolves around truly personalized care. Because the nurse didn’t know (or simply disregarded) the fact that I had endometriosis near my cervix she ended up sticking her fingers in me during a contraction during my son’s birth. The pain from the contraction was bad enough but she also managed to hit the direct sore spot that usually is only hit during sex (if my partner(s) isn’t careful enough). After that my body went haywire and the pain was too much. I ended up having a c-section that may not have been necessary at all, all because my health conditions, my state of mind, and my particular body type and shape weren’t taken into account.

I’m not placing blame on anyone. I simply want to prevent other women from experiencing unnecessary pain, suffering, and agony. These conditions are already poorly understood. Let us all spread awareness so that we can change the landscape of healthcare all together.



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