C & S #66: Jack Cambacci

I’ve got potentially big news coming soon. Let’s just say it’s something that can bring people together in an unprecedented way as well as bring the cuilverse to life. I’m really fucking excited. Oh, and I’m also feeling a lot better, too. Let’s hope it lasts.

But enough of that and on to one of the most emotionally mature folks in the entire cuilverse. Jack seems pretty much cool with anything. He’s laid back, wise, and easygoing even with his playful manner. He lets people be exactly what they are and can usually calmly think his way to the best solution. He’s also fiercely devoted to Aniella, who seems to be the only person that can unbalance him. He also has this really super weird bond with his twin brother. Like, really, really weird. But leave it to the cuilverse to deliver a rather interesting and sexy solution.

Mm, so yes, you’ll find this black-haired, bespectacled, brown-eyed hunk of Italian ancestry floating around in The Colds series. Funnily enough, I can only imagine The Neighborhood’s Sweater Weather playing whenever I think of him.

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