Cuil Peeks and Scene: Zeitelia (All That Glitters)

Heh heh. So I’ve been in that state where my ideas and worlds are building faster than my body can create them externally. Let’s just say four or five unwritten stories are all building themselves and integrating in my mind and that that’s been how it is for the past few weeks. Mm, maybe it’s more like six. Nope, just rethought it and it’s definitely more than that. Sigh. Anyway, the good news is that I know what I’ll be working on for the rest of this year and on into next year. So if I’m not publishing more than two or three books next year, you’ll understand why. And while I won’t finish all of these in a year, I’ll definitely be starting them, if only to quiet their characters’ voices in my head for a bit.

Remember, I’m still going to be writing all of this by hand!

That list of my planned works for the next year or so is as follows:

All That Glitters– You’re already familiar with this one. It’s the latest book that I’ve been writing and that you’ll be reading an excerpt from in this scene. If you’ve forgotten, it’s the story about how a bunch of Others, some who have had fairy tales and legends made after them, have broken their promise and are charged with stopping a zombie apocalypse to make up for it. Pretty heavy shit. Hee hee.

Alterworld– A series that contains Clowns Vs Mimes-This one is a bit of a surprise, and obviously I’m going to do a ton of research for it. Let’s just say that when it comes these artistic styles, it devolves into all out war. The other work in this series is going to be The Authors-which is a hilarious trippy fall into exactly what it means to create art.

Time Matters-This series consists of Book One: The Four Forces, which details the history of the universe; the short story Marianne, which tells the tale of the most important mother ever; Book Two: Benjamin, which follows the depressing adventures of an orphaned boy in mourning who’s hunted down by a nefarious creature; Book Three: The Apprentices, which focuses on a group of angels learning the ropes; Book Four: Ancient Arena, which is mostly about how all the gods are assholes.

Tapestry-This series starts off with In the Time of Toba,
which follows Lilith from the Garden to the Toba Event. Then we jump to The Ultimate Price, which details the advances and setbacks of the Farming Mothers. Next is Let the Blood Spill, which Ripley will be writing. I might let him write a few of these others as well. We’ll see. Anyway, so this book shows what life under Queen Aeryn’s rule in Egypt was like. Yay!

Like the Water-The same-titled first book has been started and I’m hoping to finish it pretty soon. Poor Isabelle, who suffers from endometriosis, PCOS, and motion sickness must somehow combat all of that to learn to take control of all space. And who the hell is that weird dude stalking here through the dimensions?

Imaginary PrinceRipley likely won’t actually finish this one too quickly. I’ve been researching the shit out of dragons and I cannot wait for him to finish it. He started it years ago but it’s pretty intense as far as the subject matter it deals with. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you can take it then you’ll learn things about dragons (and biology/anatomy) you never knew!

Clarence Buys Hats-Oh yeah, this mysterious book is actually going to be Book Three of The Colds series. It’ll also be the most insane thing I’ve ever written.

Faces in the Mirror-Book Three of The Aftermath series. We’ll find out how the crew takes it when they’re finally free of Mikassa and now have to start fixing the cracks in the universes.

Truth Hurts-The quite hilarious and misunderstood adventures of Truth and her crew.

Whew! Good god, I think I am insane for wanting to attempt all that. But wait until you see what I’m planning next year for the following year.

Anyhoo, so this excerpt is from Zeitelia’s point of view (she’s the Time Faerie if you’ve forgotten). And, obviously, she’s talking about her experience of time. But behold, this is not a simple rendering. In fact, it may make you think a few times about how we experience and define time. Enjoy!


And if you’d like to help me keep going, please consider popping over to my Patreon and donating. Or, you know, buy my books. Shrug. I’m just going to keep writing them anyway. 🙂

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