C & S #67: Benjamin

Mm. So in all my 15+ years of writing I had yet to use a name that I love so much as a character’s name. I finally found a soul worth the moniker.

Little Benjamin. I mentioned him the other day. His story…sigh. Yeah, his life sucks. Just so incredibly much. Maybe it’s almost on par with Mark Blue’s.  I don’t know. I do know that much of his pain comes from the loss of his mother. It certainly doesn’t help things that his dreams are haunted by some dark creature. Life on the moon is already shitty enough but then his underground home, the last church standing, got blasted to smithereens as well. He scrapes what little joy he can out trying to take down a terrorist with a group of other orphans. But it’s hard to stay positive when many of the terrorist acts only seem to happen around him.

No. I certainly don’t see things working out well for Benjamin. There’s simply too much wrong all converging on him and he hasn’t the faintest idea why. You’ll get to find out whether he can deal with his ever-growing grief in The Tale of Benjamin.

And what do you know? My beloved MSI has already made a song suitable for this young man’s state of mind, It Gets Worse.

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