Lilith and Other Stories

So on top of sharing my personal thoughts on the irresistible and powerful Lilith, I’ve been working on the Human Monkeysphere Expansion Project, two new books-All That Glitters and The Tale of Benjamin-as well as learning how to code and doing my damndest to reunite my family. Yay!!

What is all of that, anyway? Well, Lilith is actually one of my characters. Learning her story helped me to not kill myself as a young teen. She was just as queer and outcast as I was. I believe our media is powerful. I believe that possibility models allows us to deal with our existence in a world that sometimes seems not to care. It’s why I began writing; to create possibility models for everyone who was left out of typical entertainment. I didn’t simply want to write new worlds; I wanted to fully acknowledge diversity in every form. We are not all alike and that is perfectly okay!

Speaking of not alike, the not-quite-heroes in All That Glitters must face off against a zombie apocalypse during the Dark Ages. The funny thing is they’re also not quite like the myths and legends surrounding their personas. Join Peter Pan, the Pied Piper, the Sandman, Belle, Riding Hood, Princess Pea and others as they try to make up for The Promise they broke. The Promise that every Other must make…

And on the moon in the distant future a young man named Benjamin must venture out of the last standing church to face an unfamiliar world. Why is he having nightmares about a Shadow coming for his soul? Doesn’t he have enough to deal with mourning his mysterious mother’s death and trying to avoid terrorist attacks? And why is the gang of other orphans so keen to have his help, anyway? Who was his mother, really, and what does it have to do with the Goddes above?

Who knows?

Er, I mean, I probably should but, uh, I haven’t the foggiest clue. Shrug. I suppose you and I will have to find out later.

via Lilith and Other Stories.

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