Full-Stack Developer Before Birth by Michon Neal – GoFundMe

Ok, I know. I know! Bad Michon, taking forever to put up new posts and simply sharing articles from elsewhere.

I have a really good excuse; I swear!

See, I’ve received some amazing news in these last couple of weeks. And I’ve had to do some planning for how this will all work.

On top of finding out that despite my chronic conditions that make me subfertile, I’ve managed to fall pregnant, I’ve also been accepted to a coding bootcamp.

A baby and an opportunity to become a full-stack developer! Both huge undertakings.

Understandably, I’ve been scrambling around to ensure that certain things are in place and set up so that my concentration can go towards these things. The class starts in three weeks, which doesn’t give me too much time to raise funds. So I’m hoping someone out there likes me. Please share this even if you can’t invest yourself. This is a huge opportunity for me and my chance to eventually bring the cuilverse off the page and into reality.

I want my children to know that anything is possible. I want the underrepresented to see that they can do anything. I want to create content that uplifts people. With all of this amazing technology, I think it’s about time our stories and characters evolved along with it.

What do you say? Am I worth the investment?

via Full-Stack Developer Before Birth by Michon Neal – GoFundMe.

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